Connect to UNIGE Wi-Fi from anywhere on campus using its 1,350+ hotspots.

The "unige" Wi-Fi network is designed to give all members of the UNIGE community with an ISIs account a high-speed internet connection on campus. When connected to the network, you will have access to the internet and UNIGE’s internal resources, in the same way as you would if your computer was physically hooked up to the UNIGE network.

Once your device (computer, tablet, etc.) is set up, every time you enter a campus building it will automatically be detected and securely connected to the network using encryption.

Others Wi-Fi networks are available to those visiting from another university (Swiss or international) or who are guests on campus (e.g. for a conference).

You are...
  • A UNIGE student.
  • Independent contractors.
  • A UNIGE staff member.
  • A continuing education participant
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
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