Sympa provides mailing list management services via a simple and secure user interface.

Depending on the permissions a list owner sets up, subscribers may be able to reply to messages they receive or even send their own messages to the list.

While Uniliste mailing lists are populated automatically and are best for one-time messages, Sympa lists are better suited for people who frequently need to convey information to the same groups of people. People can be added to the list simply by entering their email address or by importing data from LDAP directory services, SQL databases, or files.

There are several ways to become a list subscriber:

  • by adding yourself directly to the list, if the list owner has chosen to make this option available
  • by sending an email request to the list owner right from the Sympa interface
  • by being added by the list owner.

Depending on your status on campus, you may also be allowed to create and manage your own lists.

For information about the advanced features it offers, consult the Sympa documentation.

You are...
  • A list subscriber (open to the public).
  • A list manager or subscriber (UNIGE and HUG students and employees).
You'll need...
  • When authentication is required: an ISIs or SWITCHaai account.
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  • To create a Sympa list for a student organization, contact the UNIGE communication departement. If your organization is recognized by and registered with the university, DiSTIC will create your list and explain how to manage it.

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