UNIGE’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows users to run an operating system and work with the software programs that are pre-installed on it rather than downloading and setting up the programs they need on their personal computer or drive.

Each faculty’s virtual machine features different pre-installed programs, but all VDIs include uniFLOW printing drivers.

Virtual desktops are available via lab and library computers as well as your personal computer. If you would like to use a virtual machine off campus, you can do so with a VPN.

To access the virtual machine from your personal computer, you will need to install the VMware Horizon Client software.

In the same way, for the specific needs of Research, virtual machines equipped with a graphics processor (GPU) and a large amount of RAM memory are available to UNIGE academic staff members and students.

You are...
  • A UNIGE student.
  • A UNIGE staff member.
  • A continuing education participant
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  • An ISIs account.
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  • VDI permission is granted automatically based on your faculty.

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