The UNIGE's VDI environment offers to people with only a standard "office" type workstation the possibility of free and quickly access to much more powerful virtual machines (VMs), particularly useful when good performance are required during tests or developments.

These VMs are equipped with a graphics processor (GPU) and a large amount of RAM memory. Available under Windows or Linux, several scientific software are preinstalled.

This service is designed in such a way as to be able to launch jobs requiring good performance, but the processing of which will be limited in time: the machines are reset every night. To access it, the VDI Client software (VMware Horizon) must be installed on the workstation.

You are...
  • A UNIGE staff member or student active in research.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
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Outages, bugs and other issues

Students :

  • Contact the professor responsible for the project.

Staff members :