The Spectrum Archive service is a cost-effective magnetic tape storage solution particularly suitable for cold data that needs to be stored on the order of ten years and more, such as in research, for example in genomics, medicine, astronomy, etc.

In order to guarantee their conservation, data are stored on a first site (UniDufour) then copied as additional security by another solution on a second site (Biotech).

Annual rental of such space is degressive according to volume and is priced as follows:

Under 500TB: 25 CHF/TB/year

500TB to 1 PB: 20 CHF/TB/year

1 PB to 1.5 PB: 15 CHF/TB/year

1.5 PB and more: 10 CHF/TB/year

Reduced prices are also possible in certain cases:

  •     Payment is made when the order is placed
  •     The user undertakes to use a lot of storage over time

Your space is automatically renewed each year unless you specify otherwise.

Warning: this service is intended to store only data whose rereading is rare and exceptional (maximum 1, or even 2 times per year) and whose relatively long access time is acceptable. It is not suitable for more frequent access in which case the UNIGE academic NAS remains the recommended solution.


A user-friendly web interface makes it possible to create a "buffer" disk space in which data to be stored are then deposited by the user using a Windows, macOS or Linux share. Data thus deposited are then copied onto magnetic tape.

The web interface allows users and groups to be associated with each space as well as, when rereading is required, to select the files concerned.

You are...
  • A UNIGE or HUG staff member.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
  • Disposer d'une adresse e-mail ...@unige.ch
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