UNIGE’s data storage system dedicated to academics lets researchers store active data related to their academic projects in a highly secure location.

Built using the best technology on the market today, our NAS servers have thousands of terabytes (TB) of storage capacity and work in conjunction with other aspects of the UNIGE IT infrastructure, including monitoring and backup storage sites. Snapshots are taken every 4 hours with a retention of one week and every week with a retention of 6 weeks.

Data stored on these servers can be shared between multiple users on Microsoft or Linux systems. You can manage your own permissions, if this is something you are interested in and it has been cleared with DiSTIC.

You can rent data storage space on a yearly basis for CHF 75/TB/year, in increments of 1 TB and payable at the order. Your space is automatically renewed each year unless you specify otherwise.
The first 50 gigabytes (GB) are free of charge.

You are...
  • A UNIGE academic staff member (researchers and professors).
Terms & conditions
  • Comply with your department's terms and conditions.

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