Every member of the UNIGE community will be provided with an UNIGE account (ISIs) they can use to access the university’s standard IT services, including messaging, Wi-Fi networks, remote VPN access and printing.

This UNIGE account must be linked to the SWITCH edu-ID account in order to be alble to access UNIGE's academic e-Learing services such as Moodle and Mediaserver.

SWITCH edu-ID is a free academic authentication service deployed by the Swiss Confederation and the university cantons to provide you with a secure and unique identifier which will accompany you during and after your studies.

The SWITCH edu-ID service allows anyone to immediately create their own account. Since January 2021, its use gradually spread within UNIGE. Therefore, each UNIGE member must create their SWITCH edu-ID account and link it to their UNIGE account.

Independent contractors may be able to receive or prolong account access upon request.

If you wish to gain access to administrative applications, please submit your request directly to the tool manager.

You are...
  • A UNIGE student.
  • A UNIGE staff member.
  • An independent contractor or an auditor (only certain resources).
  • A continuing education participant
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