With the Web Reporting tool, you can filter and view detailed financial reports (e.g. budget, portion of budget that has been spent, committed or is available) for your fund, cost center, or project in real time.

Cost center and fund managers and co-managers receive monthly email notifications when new account statements are ready. These reports are also archived (PDF format) and can be viewed at any time.

One of the reports available allows users to view details about fixed assets (e.g. features, purchase price and depreciation). This report can also be used by your division’s IT support technician as well as the university’s inventory service to keep an up-to-date record of fixed assets.

Another report allows users to check the status of a fund’s account assignment indicators.

You are...
  • A DIFIN staff member.
  • A fund holder/co-holder.
  • A manager/co-manager of a cost center.
  • An employee with signing authority.
You'll need...
  • An Oracle account.
Terms & conditions

Using the service

  • Go to SAP Web reporting via the UNIGE portal:
    In the Applications section on the Portal homepage, click the Finance icon to access "Web-Reporting SAP".

Related services

  • To request access to this tool, contact the accounting manager in your department.
  • For help using the tool, contact the accounting manager in your department, who will refer you to the user support team if need be.
  • For more information, see the Financial accounting service page.


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