The UNIPASS service, accessible using a web browser from a smartphone or a computer, allows students (person with student status only) to obtain a QRcode in order to present it at the cafeteria cashier and thus get a meal at a reduced price.

The QRcode issued by this service is personal, non-transferable and valid only once a day. It can be printed by those who do not have a smartphone.

It is intended to be read by the cafeteria cashier with a dedicated application which only returns a "valid" or "invalid" status.


Beneficiaries of the service:

  •     Students of the UNIGE       
    • Bachelor and Master       
    • UNIGE doctoral students without UNIGE contract
  •     UNIGE Mobility students
  •     Academic Horizon students

Not eligible for this service, in particular:

  •     Continuing education participants (CAS or DAS)
  •     Free auditors
  •     UNI3
You are...
  • A UNIGE student.
  • A continuing education participant (excluding exceptions)
You'll need...
  • A SWITCH edu-ID account.
Terms & conditions

Using the service


Outages, bugs and other issues