UNIGE provides each staff member with a computer-phone system at their desk, which includes a landline and external phone number.

Some of the system’s main features include:

  • videocalls and videoconferencing
  • personalized voice mailbox
  • instant messaging (chat) with other staff members
  • customizable telephone set-up
  • workstation-integrated calling (including calling, messaging, directory and webcam)
  • sending and receiving faxes via email.

Related services

  • Phone, Phone Line and Options
    • Request a new telephone or a new phone line
    • Relocate or deactivate a line, change its owner
    • Enable international calling, call pickup (Team feature), call handling on your computer (Softphone feature)
    • Order a headset, a webcam
  • Phone Book
    • Request a modification


Outages, bugs and other issues