SAP is the financial management tool used by the university. Authorized personnel can take advantage of its various programs for specific finance needs, including accounting, budgeting, keeping track of inventory, and managing payroll.

Key features include:

  • general bookkeeping, entering invoices, making payments, invoicing clients and registering incoming payments
  • managing a chart of accounts and client/supplier data
  • managing budgets, monitoring spending and income for allocated funds, and generating reports
  • managing and monitoring expenses and income for specific projects
  • inventorying and managing fixed assets and monitoring depreciation
  • managing shop inventory for Biostock, Expereact, etc.

You can also use SAP to keep track of online payments (e.g. enrollment fees, conference registration fees, rent payments, ID card top-ups, etc.) on a daily basis.

You are...
  • A staff member of the UNIGE finance department.
You'll need...
  • An SAP account.
Terms & conditions

Using the service

  • To request access to SAP and get help installing the software on your work computer, contact the finance department. Once your request is approved, the IT support technician from central services will install the SAP software on your machine (macOS or Windows).

Related services

  • For help using the software, contact the accounting manager in your department, who will refer you to the user support team if need be. You can, for example, request help with tasks, such as extracting specific data for audits, or at the end of the fiscal year.


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