UNIGE staff members automatically get an email account once they are hired, which they can log into using their ISIs username and password. Independent contractors can request this service by contacting the referent in their faculty or department.

The account includes a UNIGE email address (firstname.lastname(at)unige.ch) and inbox.

Warning: Never share your account password with anyone, at UNIGE or otherwise. Remember, the university will NEVER ask you for your password in an email. Beware of any emails of this nature, as they are attempts at phishing.

Spam-related emails are placed in your Junk Mail folder. Without moving them to another folder, they are automatically deleted after 30 days. Check this folder regularly so you don't miss a legitimate email with spam characteristics!

Staff accounts are limited to 99GB of storage.

Log into your UNIGE mailbox, which is hosted by Microsoft Exchange, via Outlook (Windows), Mail (macOS), or Thunderbird (Linux). You can also sync your mailbox to compatible mobile devices (such as iPhone, iPad, and Android) using Microsoft ActiveSync.

You can also log into your account and mailbox from most browsers using Microsoft Outlook on the Web (formerly OWA).

Special accounts can be created on a case-by-case basis, such as for specific services or secretarial needs.

You are...
  • A UNIGE staff member, excluding ARE's.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
Terms & conditions
  • Do not misuse university resources (e.g., by sending spam or malicious emails).


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