Teachers can use one of the two platforms that UNIGE supports, Chamilo and Moodle, to provide students with online access to course material.

These learning management systems (LMS) offer a variety of tools for educators to facilitate interaction (e.g. submitting work, quizzes and surveys, etc.), communication (e.g. announcements, forums, etc.), and group work (e.g. group work spaces, wikis, etc.).

Members of other Swiss universities and some independent contractors (in a continuing education program, for example) can also request teacher status on these platforms.

You are...
  • A professor at UNIGE.
  • A UNIGE administrative or technical staff member.
  • A member of a Swiss university who has requested teacher status.
  • An independent contractor (e.g. FCO) who has requested teacher status.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
Terms & conditions
  • These learning platforms are for academic use only.


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