UNIGE's high performance computing service (HPC) consists of two clusters, each consisting of approximately 4,000 interconnected computing cores. It is an extremely powerful configuration, particularly suitable for massively parallel computing. The Baobab and Yggdrasil clusters are respectively installed on the Uni Dufour and Sauverny sites of UNIGE.

In addition to those already provided, other suitable scientific software can be easily installed. Our HPC engineers make them available to researchers to install the software they need. Researchers may also purchase additional compute nodes. More information about the UNIGE HPC environment can be found on the eResearch website.

HPC access account requests are made as described below under "Related services".

You are...
  • A researcher from a Geneva university (UNIGE, HES-SO GE, The Graduate Institute Geneva, ...)
You'll need...
  • Technical knowledge of Linux command lines and in shell programming.
  • An HPC account.
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Using the service

Related services

  • Request an HPC access account
  • Request software installation or purchase a computing node
  • Contact an HPC expert for advice on purchasing a computing node or installing software : hpc(at)unige.ch


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