Baobab, UNIGE’s high-performance computing (HPC) service, is a computer cluster with about 3,500 interconnected cores that run at 40 Gbps and 17TB of RAM. This extremely powerful set-up is especially well-suited to massively parallel computing.

Users can purchase additional compute nodes to add to the Baobab system. Owning compute nodes can save you time and increase flexibility for your project.

In addition to those already available on Baobab, many other scientific software can be easily installed using Easybuild framework.

In order to use the system, you will need some specific technical skills (e.g., how to operate a Linux system, knowledge of how parallel computing works, how to compile applications using the compilers and libraries available, how to use a job scheduler, etc.).

You are...
  • A UNIGE academic staff member (researchers and professors).
You'll need...
  • Specific technical knowledge or skills.
  • An ISIs account activated on the Baobab HPC system.
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