The university’s internal invoicing tool offers an interactive form for creating a new invoice and adding all of the necessary related information to SAP (e.g. issuer’s department, recipient(s), account assignment indicator, items, quantities, etc.). Recipients will be notified automatically by email when an invoice is issued.

You can also attach PDF files to your invoice.

A list of all of your internal invoices (if they were saved) is available on the tool’s homepage. You can also use the tool to look up or verify account assignment indicators.

Instructions and documention are built into the tool.

You are...
  • An employee of a department that provides billable services.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
  • Accounting rights in SAP.
Terms & conditions

Using the service

  • Go to the invoicing tool via the UNIGE portal:
    In the Applications section on the Portal homepage, click the Finance icon to access the internal invoicing tool.

Related services

  • To request accounting rights, contact the accounting manager in your department.
  • For help using the tool, contact the accounting manager in your department, who will refer you to the user support team if need be.


Outages, bugs and other issues