Yareta is UNIGE's digital solution for archiving and preserving research data in the long term. It has been developed to facilitate the work of researchers, including the management and sharing of research data.

Designed in strict accordance with the FAIR principles that govern research data management best practices, Yareta fulfills the Data Repository requirements of funders.

The Yareta solution comes from the national project swissuniversities DLCM and the Geneva cantonal bill "Digital Infrastructure for Research".

The first 50 gigabytes (GB) are free of charge.

Yareta version 2.1 will be deployed from 20 June, see this page.

You are...
  • A researcher from a Geneva university (UNIGE, HES-SO GE, The Graduate Institute Geneva, ...)
You'll need...
  • An official e-mail address of a Geneva high school (@unige.ch, @hesge.ch, @graduateinstitute.ch,...)
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