SMART Notebook software is available in every classroom equipped with a tablet PC and can be used to prepare lessons that include videos, images, links and other interactive features.

Annotate or add to your class material (PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files) with SMART Notebook on your computer or using the PC tablet and stylus provided in the classroom. After class, change or save your modifications and upload your enhanced course material to your Chamilo or Moodle page.

Start with a blank page and build a presentation from scratch or add to an imported PowerPoint during class with this interactive presentation software.

With the various add-ons and widgets that SMART Notebook supports, teaching possibilities are endless. For example, download the GeoGebra widget for interactive geometry and algebra lessons. Or, control your SMART Notebook from anywhere in the classroom with the (paid) Maestro app for iPad.

The eLearning division of DiSTIC at UNIGE regularly organizes technology demonstrations and training workshops for academic staff.

You are...
  • An independent contractor (e.g. FCO) who has requested teacher status.
  • A UNIGE staff member.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
Terms & conditions
  • Take good care of the equipment; only use the stylus or mouse provided. Keep chalk away from the tablet.


Outages, bugs and other issues