The UNIGE Budget tool can be used to prepare the university budget, consolidated or broken down by department, and gather information required by the Canton of Geneva Department of Education.

Key features include:

  • performing budget simulations
  • importing each faculty’s budget
  • consolidating the budget for the entire university
  • calculating average salaries by category
  • managing UNIGE departments
  • managing budget reference tables
  • generating and printing reports
  • transferring budgets from year to year with the SAP finance tool.
You are...
  • A DIFIN staff member in the budget division.
  • A faculty budget manager.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
  • An Oracle account.
Terms & conditions

Using the service

  • Go to the Budget tool via the UNIGE Portal:
    In the Applications section on the Portal homepage, click the Finance icon to access the Budget tool.


Outages, bugs and other issues