The Hiring Management System (known as GDE in French) within the human resources department information system (SIRH) is a fast, secure, and 100% electronic hiring solution.

Once an application is electronically approved by the various parties involved in the hiring process (e.g. supervisors, finance managers, administrators, etc.), it is automatically sent to the Human Resources department, where a contract is drawn up.

You are...
  • In charge of hiring new UNIGE employees.
  • A future UNIGE employee.
You'll need...
  • An ISIs account.
Terms & conditions

Using the service

  • Go to GDE
  • How to...
    • request access to the Hiring Management System?
    • fill in my personal data during the e-hiring process?
    • make a modification within the GDE?
    • start, end, verify, etc. the hiring process?
    • etc.

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