Display your announcements on the digital signage located in buildings all over campus to get the word out about your events to UNIGE students and staff and the wider community. Share announcements about events such as lectures, conferences, symposia, thesis defenses, and information sessions.

People who have access to the web tool for this service can create and modify the various elements of the announcements, including titles, text, images (optional), start and end display dates, and which buildings they should be displayed in.

Buildings currently equipped with digital signage technology:

CMU, Mathématiques, Maraîchers, Philosophes, Sciences-II, Sciences-III, SIP, Uni Carl-Vogt, Uni Dufour, Uni Bastions, Uni Mail

You are...
  • A UNIGE staff member.
You'll need...
  • A special account to access this tool.
Terms & conditions
  • If you wish to display a message on the digital signage around campus, contact the designated administrative staff member in your department.

Using the service

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