Individuals who would like to offer a housing opportunity to UNIGE students can submit their offer via a simple and free online form.

Once the offer is approved by the Accommodation Office (BLRU), current and incoming UNIGE students, exchange students, and Swiss Government Excellence scholars will be able to view it.

Postings expire after two weeks unless they are renewed.

The BLRU reserves the right to withhold offers until they are able to verify the legitimacy of the information provided by the poster.

You are...
  • A guest or visitor.
  • A UNIGE staff member.
Terms & conditions

Using the service

  • Before submitting an offer, read the BLRU’s posting instructions.
    They include important information about guidelines, contracts, how to access the form, etc.

Related services

  • For information about this service or to renew your posting, contact the Accommodation Office by email at logements-enligne(at)unige.ch
    or call +41 (0)22 379.77.20.


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